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We are a group of professional journalists, producers, translators, editors, camera operators and trainers working in the cinema and audiovisual industries in Italy. Experts in our individual fields, we all speak both English and Italian, so we are able to provide that bi-lingual support so vital to working with English-speaking partners abroad or operating productively in Italy.

In television, the range of organisations for which we have individually worked extends from the BBC to Orbit Television, Studio Universal, National Geographic Channel Italia and Sky Italia. In print journalism, team members have worked for Screen International as well as Italian film industry magazines Box Office and Italian Cinema. We have provided translation work for Sony Pictures Italia, Venice Days, National Geographic Italia, the RomeFilmFest and production company Nautilus Pictures.

Our internet experience includes the online daily Cinecittànews and the international version of the prestigious Italian news agency ANSA. We have worked on ad-hoc projects for Italian and international organisations as well as individuals, for example producers needing their film scripts translated to find funding abroad. We have established strong links with the Brussels-based agency, Mostra Communication, providing an Italian dimension to European issues. In training, we have provided tailored journalism workshops for Italian-based Magica (for RAI journalists), UK operation T-media (in Montenegro and Croatia) and the BBC. We have also provided media training for judges in Eastern Europe for the IDLO legal organisation.

This pool of talent was brought together by Aminda Rosamund Leigh (the founder of AMROS Media Solutions), a journalist with over ten years experience at the BBC who moved to live and work in Rome in 2001. After building up her language skills and creating a contact base, she met and worked with a number of English speaking professionals (from Britain, but also America, Canada and Australia) who were freelancing in the Italian film and television industries. With its winning combination of the Anglo-Saxon love of planning, guaranteed delivery of efficient services, enthusiastically provided by grass-roots experts, AMROS Media Solutions aims to provide a communication link between the Italian and English-speaking film and audiovisual industries ensuring that whatever language is used, the passion, emotion and inspiration of your projects is brought to the fore with guaranteed precision and in an appealing fashion.


Aminda Leigh


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Aminda Leigh


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