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As the internet world grows, the need for clear communication on the web takes on even more relevance. Multi-language options are becoming the norm, and if you want to attract the largest section of the international web community to your internet page, you need to speak directly to them in the commonly-held “universal” internet language: English, which covers almost 30% of the net population (as opposed to 2.8% Italian speaking).

In this vein, AMROS Media Solutions can offer English language versioning for websites, adapting options and text to the needs of an international English-speaking web community. We can even provide original English-language content for your site, whether written, photographic or in video, now becoming highly-prized additional content to attract surfers.

Our group includes professionals who have been working in the internet for more than 10 years, able to provide consultation on aspects such as design, layout and usability, with advice drawn up on the basis of the latest internet trends.

Our range of Media Solutions for the internet features:

• English versioning

• Original English content
(whether written, photographic or video)

• Consultations on design and layout

• Image enhancements
(still photos, videos)

Our prices can be calculated in a variety of ways. If the commission is for an English-language version of an internet site, the work will usually be charged using our parameters for translations, namely a price-per-page (see Translation section) or a one-off arranged fee for bulk material.

Original material is charged either on a price-per-article or using a daily rate.
Fees for design consultations are usually calculated using either on a rate-per-day or a one-off rate, depending on the commission.


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