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As the marketplace becomes global, boundaries between countries blur and interest in international culture grows and there is more space for news from Italy in a world-wide context. The ability to provide original journalistic material in English, based on a considerable knowledge of the Italian cinema and audiovisual industries provides a remarkable opportunity to keep the international English-speaking audience up to date with your news.

AMROS Media Solutions can call on the services of a number of English-speaking journalists working in Italy to provide stories, whether written or by filming original video material (in digital, for either TV broadcast or to be utilised on the internet or other platforms). Our team mainly comprises specialists in the film and audiovisual industries. We are also able to cover other topics, especially European issues. AMROS can undertake research, conduct interviews and produce raw material or completed reports.

In addition we can provide photo-journalism, be it in the form of event reportage or specially commissioned portraits of Italian and international figures visiting Italy, whether they be on-screen stars or behind-the-camera exponents such as directors, producers and distributors.

More specifically, our team of professional reporters can provide:

• Original articles, interviews and news items written for print or for the internet

• Research materials on Italian subjects, supplied in English

• Photographic reports
(whether of news events or specially commissioned subjects)

• Video reports and interviews, whether for television, the internet or other platforms

• Radio features

Our prices are calculated either on a price-per-article or using a daily rate, depending on the commission.


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