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Italy is a particularly popular location for international media and film companies, and the attraction of Italian culture is really no surprise when you think that UNESCO has classified the country as being home to around half of the world’s cultural heritage. Nevertheless the unfamiliar Italian terrain can be daunting and problematic to those coming here to film, and unless you have a trusted guide by your side, your visit could be less than fruitful.

AMROS Media Solutions can be of help here, as it can provide English-Italian speaking services to those wishing to work in Italy, either directly or through tried-and-tested third-parties. Members of our pool can act as liaison, providing a communication link prior to any visit, or giving on-the-spot backup while on location.

The selection of Media Solutions we can provide encompasses:

• Fixers for Italy (conducting research, organising interviews, providing location support)

• English speaking video crews (working in digital)
Editing and graphics services provided by English-speaking professionals

• Voice-overs in English
Italian media services (providing PR, writing reports or conducting interviews in Italian)

• Organising or supporting organisation of press conferences/events

Our prices are usually calculated using either on a daily rate or a one-off fee, depending on the commission



Video Links:

Cinecitta Postcard from Cannes '06
(Direct Link - WMV)

Cinecitta Web Bulletin
(Direct Link - WMV)


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