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Any healthy industry planning for the future knows the importance of a proper training package. Investing in staff development is one of the fundamental tenets of strategic growth. Bringing in an external expert to evaluate, design and even deliver your training can provide an independent overview often difficult to achieve using in-house resources.

AMROS Media Solutions has international media training experts on its books, who can design and deliver sessions or workshops in journalism (whether written, for radio and TV or for the internet). Subjects can range from writing to editorial and ethical issues; from researching using the internet to planning and making better use of pictures and graphics for a TV news report. Team members also have experience in acting as moderators at international conferences and providing consultation on training needs. Material and sessions can be delivered in either English or Italian.


AMROS Training

Media Solutions we can deliver in this field include:

• Journalism training
: from basic to advanced, editorial, ethical and management topics

• Voice training and help with English pronunciation

• Specifically-designed sessions, workshops or courses

• Consultation on training needs

Our prices are usually calculated using either on a daily rate or a one-off fee, depending on the commission.

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