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Italian companies wishing to trade abroad or raise their international profile must have their materials translated into appropriate English in order to establish the correct professional impression. The importance of language and clear communication is vital to business: if done well, it can reinforce the strength of the original idea or project; whereas a poorly-translated screenplay, apart from making a bad impression, can lose business and mean lost opportunities and wasted resources.

Here at AMROS Media Solutions, our experienced group of mother-tongue translators has first-hand, in-depth knowledge of the audiovisual and cinema field. We provide translations for a wide variety of material from Italian into English, and even occasionally vice versa.


We actually offer much more than a mere translation. We provide adaptations, keeping the style and content of the original, while adapting it to use accurate idiomatic expressions. We have considerable experience in adapting screenplays and TV scripts, ensuring the material “sounds right” in the translated version, whether it be in UK or American English.

Using our journalistic experience, we also try to check the major facts in the original material we are translating as a matter of course, often discovering and correcting mistakes (whether factual, typing or spelling errors). This extra “pair of eyes” has often prevented mistakes going out in the original, therefore providing an invaluable supplementary service. Additionally we can guarantee the utmost discretion when handling highly-sensitive material. We also revise and edit already-written material needing to be checked by a mother-tongue speaker.

The range of our translations covers:

• Film and TV scripts
• Film and TV treatments
• Magazine and news articles
• Promotional material
(press releases, adverts)
• Funding bids
• Web material

Our prices are at a level ensuring that you receive a professional and reliable service provided by experts in the field. We are able to offer some discounts for bulk orders. Our pricing structure depends on a combination of the following factors:

- Number of pages. A page is calculated as 1,800 characters (spaces included)
- Total volume of work over time
- Deadline
(urgent material will cost more)
- Complexity of material

Revisions are usually priced at half the price-per-page for original translations, or they can be charged at an hourly rate.


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